Cop-Outs & Alibis Book

A Collection of Perfectly Sound Excuses

Stop telling your boss that your dog ate your presentation. He's not buying it. This book will help you find excuses and cop-outs your boss, coworkers, friends, and family members will believe.

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If you're going to play hooky, then you need to prepare a good excuse before hand. Similarly, you should be prepared to match wits with your kids when they try to challenge you. Cop-Outs & Alibis is filled with cop-outs you can use on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps it will even inspire you to get creative with your own excuses!

So, did you end up playing hooky? If so, 'Two words: bad clams,' should get you out of trouble in no time!

Get better at wriggling out of trouble with Cop-Outs & Alibis. Add this great book to your cart and continue shopping Men's Gift Store for novelty gifts and book gifts for him.