Dammit Science, Where's My Hoverboard Book

Predict The Future? How Funny To Try It!

Oh how wrong predictions can be! This hilarious book takes a look at the predictions of the brightest minds of yesteryear and just how wrong they might have been about the future - or our lives today.

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He may never have received his hover board but we’re sure he loves his iPhone and he’s sure to forgive some of the whacky predictions and thoughts of years gone by as he reads this hilarious look back at history. Dammit Science, Where's My Hoverboard?: Hilarious Visions of the Future from the Past is written by Liam Ryan and takes a look back at how humans have predicted, or more rightly; failed to predict what technology and the future hold for ourselves.

Whether it’s predicting that American families will have no time for T.V. or that we’ll all by using hoverboards to get around; there’s some cracking predictions in here we’re all probably lucky didn’t come true. A fun gift for him that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to his face from Men’s Gift Store.