Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump

Is that orange combover hiding the mind of a poet?

Rob Sears has managed to do the impossible with this book – he has transformed Donald Trump’s many ludicrous public statements and tweets into something that almost resembles poetry!

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Back in 2015, when Donald Trump declared “I know words. I know the best words!” it’s fair to say that not many people believed him. But Rob Sears saw something that the rest of us couldn’t. For his book, ‘The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump’, he looked beyond Trump’s brash exterior – the cruel grimace, nonsensical tweets, and iconic orange comb-over – to reveal an unlikely wordsmith!

This 144 page book features a hilarious collection of poems, haikus, and sonnets, constructed by rearranging Trump’s many unforgettable speeches and tweets. Covering topics as diverse as fairness, truth, and the singer Cher, this book offers the reader deep, disturbing, and downright side-splitting insights into the mind of the POTUS.

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Dimensions: 22x14x2 cm