Five Get Gran Online Book

A solid dose of nostalgia for Enid Blyton readers!

In this book, Bruno Vincent hilariously imagines what Enid Blyton’s ‘The Famous Five’ might be up to as adults. They make a rare visit to Gran’s house, & insist on setting her up with the internet.

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Do you know a guy who grew up reading Enid Blyton’s classic tales about The Famous Five? Well, he is sure to get a huge kick out of Bruno Vincent’s hilarious and nostalgic parody series – ‘Enid Blyton from Grown-Ups’! And, Five Get Gran Online is a title that we can all relate to.

This 112 page hardback (20.9x14.9x14cm) tells to story of the Five visiting their grandma for the first time in, well, quite some time… The best way they can think to make it up to her is to set her computer up with iTunes and net banking. But, they soon discover that they too could do with a little technical assistance – eventually graciously provided by the toddler living next door to Gran.

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