100 Reasons to Panic About: Getting Old

A Humourous and Highly Giftable Hardcover

Since getting old is pretty much inevitable, it’s probably best to just have a good laugh about it! This charming book is the perfect way to celebrate milestone birthdays and being over the hill.

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Aging is inevitable. The trick is to have a good sense of humour and to read 100 Reasons to Panic About: Getting Old. This entertaining hardback book is filled to the brim with reasons why aging is a real bummer, like going to bed right after dinner or having to ride around in a mobility scooter. Luckily, the authors have also included a few words of encouragement!

This hardback book measures approximately 9.5 x 13cm. It’s written by Knock Knock. Illustrations are by Gemma Correll.

Celebrating milestone birthdays is a breeze with 100 Reasons to Panic About: Getting Old. It’s super charming and sure to delight friends and family who are already over the hill or about to be.