How To Swear Guide

They say swearing is a sign of intelligence…

This 192 page illustrated guide, authored by graphic designer Stephen Wildish, will teach him how to use cuss words to their full potential. A hilarious novelty book that could make sailors blush!

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Australians are renowned for our colourful language, often laced with casual profanity. But swearing is an art-form, and there is always plenty of room for improvement! That’s why Stephen Wildish has written a self-improvement book of a different kind; the hilarious and informative, How To Swear, An Illustrated Guide.

Stephen is a graphic designer, who happens to also be a master swearer. He uses both skills to great effect in this 192 page hardcover (21x14x2.1cm), which is packed to the brim with infographics and diagrams to help the reader expand their curse word vocabulary, slip obscenities effortlessly into sentences, and craft the perfect insult.

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