Homer’s Odyssey, Unofficial Guide

Everything Simpson's For The Ultimate Fan

We get it, he's in love with that yellow family more than you it seems. Give him a gift he'll love with Homer's Odyssey where he'll discover facts, information and hidden info he may never have even realised existed. Until now.

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There’s no doubt about it: The Simpsons is a cultural phenomenon like no other. It has moulded humour, entertained us for generations, and held a mirror to the best and worst aspects of modern society. And, somehow, every time an episode repeats, more gags are revealed that we hadn’t noticed previously. And that’s why Homer’s Odyssey is an essential companion for any long-term Simpsons fan!

This hilarious, intelligent, and insightful book, written by Mitch Grinter and Brendan Dando, takes a deep look at the golden era of the Simpsons – those near-perfect episodes of the nineties. It features in-depth analyses of the best moments, astonishing trivia, secret and subtle jokes, and fond recollections; helping diehard fans appreciate episodes (that they may have watched a dozen times before) in a whole new light!

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 304

Dimensions: 15 x 22 x 2.9cm