How It Works: The Dad Hardcover Book

Written by Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris

Being a father is a big job and one that often goes unnoticed or unappreciated. This amazing hardcover book features funny new text next to Ladybird illustrations to let dad know he’s not alone!

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Being a father is not always fun and games; there’s more to it than joking around and reading cute bedtime stories. How It Works: The Dad takes classic Ladybird illustrations and gives them a hilarious, adult spin with brand new text by authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. Each page is funnier than the last, making it the perfect addition to our selection of novelty books for men.

How It Works: The Dad measures 21 x 15cm. 56 pages.

This hardcover book is the perfect Father’s Day gift or Christmas present for dads everywhere. To make this present even more special, take advantage of our gift-wrapping options from your Men’s Gift Store cart.