Lonely Planet: Instant Expert Book

World Travellers: Everything They need To Know

He'll hold all the answers to the world with the Lonely Planet: Instant Expert Book. Filled with information to keep him sounding smart and well rounded, from being a book binder to a Japanese Tea Master, learn it all!

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He’ll be an instant expert in over 100 occupations and know things he could never have imagined with Lonely Planet: Instant Expert – Everything A World Traveller Needs to know. This fabulous book features such a broad and varied range of fun information that he’ll be the life of the party, well he’ll at least sound the most schooled and intelligent anyway!

Inside he’ll learn all the secrets to a range of things, from being an arthroscopic Surgeon, how to dive for pearls, how to be a book binder, right through to how to cure a toothache. It’s all here just waiting to be absorbed as he smiles his way through this ever-useful information. A great addition to the next trivia night, or to increase his smarts for small talk at the next cocktail party. Trust Men’s Gift Store to find Australia’s most unique gifts for men delivered right to his door.