Insults Every Man Should Know

Pocket-sized Guide Of Slights And Insults

Insult your friends and foes with classic, creative, and downright insulting slights! Consider this pocket-sized guide your insult-teaching guru, here to help you find an insult for every occasion.

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Wish you could come up with a needling rib for your hyperbolic friend? Or maybe you wish you had the perfect comeback for your snarky colleague. Whatever the reason, you’ll find all the insults you need in Insults Every Man Should Know, edited by Nick Mamatas. This humourous, pocket-sized guide is filled with insults from throughout history and around the world, as well as insults for the office and on game day. Don’t worry - there’s also plenty of insults to jab at a friend’s sexual prowess, general comebacks, rude gestures, and backhanded compliments.

This hilarious anthology offers historical context and commentary on the insults, enriching the reading and insulting experience! This is one helluva present and one of our favourite novelty gifts for men. When you shop at Men's Gift Store, you’ll find each gift comes with a complimentary card. So get the fun started and send an insulting comment to your gift recipient, like “You’re so dense, light bends around you,” or “You’re so slow, it takes you an hour and a half to watch Sixty Minutes.”