The Hangover Ladybird Book

Make Sense Of Hangovers With Laughter

Most of us have been there, but if only we'd had the insight of the Ladybird 'The Hangover' book to help us through. These hilarious re-makes of the original readers help adults grasp their lives will simple words and lots of laughter.

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Looking for a men’s gift for someone who loves to over-indulge in a drink or two? This is the perfect gift for him. The Ladybird Adult Book Range is so fun and clever he’s sure to be laughing every time he reads this clever book. Featuring original children’s book artworks, Ladybird readers have a new life as hilariously written guides to life for adults.

Written by , the authors have kept the same writing style and tone as we’re accustomed to in children’s reader books of our past, but their hangover advice reaches new levels of awesome for any book.