The Mid-Life Crisis Ladybird Book

Find The Fun In A Mid-Life Kinda Way

Understand the Mid-Life crisis with this unique look at life presented brilliantly in the style of the original Ladybird books with newly updated adult words and topics. The same large print and perfect sentence structure will have him in stitches.

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No more tears, the mid-life crisis is over thanks to this hilarious book from authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. From the renowned Ladybird children’s book range, has grown this hilarious adult twist on an old classic. Featuring much-loved original imagery and artwork, the Ladybird books have taken on a humour-filled life of their own with an entire new range.

Analysing what it means to be an adult, what it means to be overwhelmed to the point of crisis, life will never seem serious again with this fun novelty gift for men that is sure to save him from the depths of serious thought that lead to a crisis during middle life. You’ll find a range of novelty gifts at Mens Gift Store because everyone needs a bit of laughter.