The Shed Ladybird Book

The Shed. A Comedy.

The ultimate in adult humour, the very clever ladybird series has taken iconic children's readers and turned them into a hilarious explanation on life for adults. An inside look at The Shed" this book is the perfect gift for men who love their shed."

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The Shed. It’s a much written and talked about topic in the world of men, but it must be taken seriously. The Shed is an icon of masculinity and helped build Australia as a country. The Shed is no longer off limits, it’s all here to be laughed at and enjoyed thanks to the range of Ladybird Adult books featuring hilarious humour that’s sure to bring a smile and laughter to all.

Cleverly written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris the Ladybird adult books feature the original imagery from the much-loved children’s reader range of generations gone by. The words are a satirical look at modern-day adult life and are one of our favourite novelty gifts in store right now. Nothing is sacred any more, as The Shed becomes the target of this fun book that makes a perfect gift for men.

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The Shed Novelty Book is highly amusing!

Get ready to laugh so hard your cheeks hurt and your eyes are filled with tears of joy. The Shed combines illustrations we remember from childhood with clearly written text about life, adulthood, and, of course, sheds.

This funny collection is written and illustrated in the style of classic Ladybird books for children. The Shed is a hilarious item and one of our most amusing book gifts for men.

Who remembers Ladybird books?

We sure do! Though we’ll be the first to say, The Shed is not your mother’s Ladybird book. This wonderfully delightful and amusing book outlines how to ‘adult’ with the best of them. It will convince you that, yes, you are an adult and, yes, you are somehow coping with it.

Like many men, coping with adult life often relies on hiding away from the world. Virginia Woolf once posited that a woman needs a room of her own to write. Well, a man needs a shed of his own to live! It’s in a shed that a man can be himself, work on projects, and pass the time by reading. That’s why we offer so many wonderful book gifts for men.

Is The Shed appropriate for children?

Though this great book features illustrations from childhood and memorable scenes from generations past, the book is meant for adult consumption. After all, why should kids get all the fun? That’s why this compendium is part of our book gifts for men in the first place!

This book is filled with tongue in cheek humour sure to make you crack a smile or two! The illustrations combine a sense of nostalgia and comedy, creating a lovely book from cover to cover. You’ll come back year after year to relive the joy found in these pages.

Who wrote this hilarious book?

Written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, The Shed is an absolute delight! Hazeley and Morris are known for their work, writing for several British comedy shows. Since 2015, the duo have written several Ladybird books for adults, such as The Shed.

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