Ladybird Book of the Meeting Hardcover

Featuring Ladybird Illustrations and New Text

If anyone is giggling during the next meeting, this hardcover book is probably why. It features funny new text for adults and nostalgic Ladybird illustrations to create a hilarious reading experience!

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The road to success is often lined with very boring meetings about things like quarterly returns, productivity initiatives, and workplace culture building. Since these meetings are often unavoidable, The Ladybird Book of the Meeting is designed to make them just a bit more tolerable. With classic Ladybird illustrations and irreverent new text, writers Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris make joke after joke to make sitting through meetings a more enjoyable experience.

The Ladybird Book of the Meeting measures 21 x 15cm. 56 pages.

This Ladybird book for adults is a must-have. Any man regularly subjected to the dreaded workplace meeting will love this hilarious novelty book! Continue shopping Men’s Gift Store for more fantastic gifts for men.