Look! It's Jesus Book

Fun & Enlightening Photos By Real People

Ever seen Jesus in your toast? He's going to love these images from people who've seen holy messages in everyday objects from grilled cheese sandwiches to beehives; such a fun novelty gift idea for him.

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When it comes to novelty gifts for men, we’ve found the ultimate selection here at Men’s Gift Store and we know he’s going to love the Look! It’s Jesus book by Harry & Sandra Choron. He’ll be totally surprised the places that people find holy images.. it’s everywhere from bee hives through to grilled cheese sandwiches.

Filled with authentic finds by real people in everyday places, this fun book shows that you just never quite know when a miracle could happen in the everyday mundane. We’ll let him decide for himself, but we know he’ll have fun doing it with this fun book gift for him from Men’s Gift Store.