What Your Mother Should Have Told You Book

His Guide To Life & All Its Challenges

Got a modern day problem? Never fear, the perfect gift for him is here. If he's constantly troubled by how to navigate the ettiquette of modern day life, then this is the perfect gift for him!

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OH NO! He wasn’t listening to his mum when she gave him all that great advice? We’ve got him covered with this hilarious book about modern day etiquette for modern day adults. No matter what life throws at him, he can find the solution tucked away neatly inside.

Written by Natalie Reilly; What Your Mother Should’ve Told You And Nobody Else Will contains all the best secrets of how to be a successful adult. Whether it’s how to ask for a pay rise, how to handle a tantrum, what to do with an email mess-up, how to pack a suitcase, how to test wine, or the ever-handy how to make small talk, these are just a few samples of the problems this unique gift for him will solve.

Ease his pain! Help him stop regretting all those times he didn’t listen to his mum’s advice; with this wonderful novelty men’s gift book you can help change his life thanks to Men’s Gift Store.