My Cool Convertible Book

Showcases an Array of Incredible Convertibles

Driving around in a convertible is one of life’s little treats, just like this incredible hardcover book by Chris Haddon and Lyndon McNeil. The book features beautiful convertibles in all their glory!

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There’s nothing better than hitting the open road in a stunning convertible. With the top down and the breeze rushing through the car, it feels like freedom and hope. My Cool Convertible takes time to celebrate these incredible vehicles with beautiful photographs and sincere stories from their owners. The book features a wide variety of impressive convertibles, including Mazdas, Mercedes, and Peugeots. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The My Cool Convertible book was written by Chris Haddon. The photographs featured in this novelty book were taken by Lyndon McNeil. Hardcover Measurements: 19 x 22.5cm. 160 pages.