My Cool Motorcycle Book

An Amazing and Diverse Collection of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are the coolest of the cool, which makes this hardback book pretty awesome. It features crisp photographs of incredible machines, as well as sincere stories from motorcycle owners.

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To call a motorcycle “cool” is a bit redundant. After all, motorcycles are inherently cool. They exude cool! My Cool Motorcycle is the perfect way to enjoy the awesomeness of these fascinating machines. The hardcover novelty book contains colourful photographs taken by Lyndon McNeil. These amazing photos are paired with interesting and heartfelt stories from each bike’s owner, as recorded by author Chris Haddon.

The motorcycles showcased in this 160-page book range in style, personality, era, and make. This collection is incredibly diverse, including everything from powered bicycles and scooters to racing bikes and Harleys. This book measures 23.2 x 19.7cm.