Put-Downs & Zingers Book

Hardback Compendium of Insults for All

Fill your arsenal with sharp insults and zingers so you're never left with nothing to say. In this 112-page hardback book, you'll discover more than 450 incredible put-downs.

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Dealing with a world filled with insane, annoying, and downright rude people is tiring. How could you possibly come up with insults for everyone on the fly?! Put-Downs & Zingers does all the work for you, delivering over 450 devastating insults for everyone in your life.

What kind of gems will you find in this treasure trove of put-downs? For a homely friend, this zinger should do the trick: 'Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?' And for a mate who's as sharp as a marble, you could give him the following advice: 'When your IQ reaches 60, you should sell.'

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