How to Swear Around the World Book

The book every man secretly wants!

For men who appreciate language and its richness, what's more fun than learning how to swear in dozens of languages! A brilliantly fun gift for men who love to laugh as much as they love to swear.

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If you've ever travelled to a country where you don't speak the language, there are a few essentials you always look up. Help with greetings and directions. How to order a beer (extremely important). And now, surely the most enjoyable help of all – how to swear in their language! For example, learn how to say “Your mother is a cow” in Turkish. Advice: if you're in Turkey, say it in your head!

For friends who love to swear but seem to get told off for doing so, this is an ace present. Now they can swear in Chinese, Icelandic, Dutch, German... and no-one will understand. It'll be one of the best gifts you could get lovers of fruity lingo! Trust Men's Gift Store to find you the best presents that men will love. We'll gift-wrap you presents for you too, and give you live tracking information so you can be sure you gifts make it to their destination. We want your shopping experience with us to be as easy and pleasurable as possible.