Things To Do On The Loo Book

Who knew sitting on the toilet could be so fun!

With this 96-page hard-cover book, he’ll never be bored on the toilet again! Filled to the brim with activities, puzzles, games and trivia, the only difficulty will be getting him out of the bathroom!

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Sixty hours per year. That’s how long many of us spend sitting on the toilet. No wonder we find ourselves struggling to occupy that time – even since the advent of the smartphone! Well, give a lucky bloke you know this hilarious novelty book, and his days of bathroom boredom will be behind him.

Things To Do On The Loo is the page-turner that’ll have him counting down the minutes until his next bathroom break. It features ninety-six pages jam-packed with puzzles, quizzes, brain-teasers, trivia, and even craft activities! Who knew you could be so productive while sitting on the porcelain throne!?

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Dimensions: 165 x 195 x 15mm