Tech Will Save Us D.I.Y. Thirsty Plant Kit

Build a Moisture Sensor Powered by the Sun

Houseplants love this kit just as much, if not more, than the person who gets to enjoy using it. This kit includes everything a man needs to create a moisture sensor powered by nothing but sunlight!

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Lush green plants and beautiful flowers add life to any home, but not if they’re not watered enough or if they’re watered too much. This D.I.Y. Thirsty Plant Kit makes it easy to see when a plant needs to be watered. The kit comes with a small solar panel and just about everything else required to build a solar-powered moisture sensor. All the gift recipient needs is sunlight, water, a plant, and access to the Internet.

Once constructed and placed into the soil of a houseplant, the sensor will blink red whenever the plant needs water. The sensor can even be modified! The D.I.Y. Thirsty Plant Kit is designed for anyone over the age of 8.

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