101 Drinking Games

A Versatile Game Set for Never-Ending Fun

For those tired of playing the same drinking game over and over again, this kit is a must-have! The set comes with 101 games and just about everything needed to play them.

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It’s good to have a few good drinking games up the sleeve, but wouldn’t more be better? 101 Drinking Games is a party set like none other. The set provides rules for a wide variety of novelty games. It also includes everything party-goers need to play these awesome games. Well, almost. Drinks will need to be provided by the players, of course.

The set includes the following items: playing cards, drinking game cards, pencils, dice, drawing pad, eye mask, ping pong ball, sand timer, straws, battle drinks pad, and a rule book. 101 Drinking Games is for adults only. The games can accommodate 2+ players. Please drink responsibly.

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