51 Drinking Games

You’ll never endure a boring games night again

A booklet containing the rules of 51 of the most popular drinking games, as well as a deck of cards, ping pong balls, dice, flipping coins, and cue cards for ‘I never…’. Consider games night sorted.

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’Big nights in’ and games nights are a fantastic way to catch up with friends and share plenty of laughs, without blowing the budget on pubs and clubs. But, in order to keep things fresh and interesting, you have to mix things up a little. Any drinking game will become stale if you play it week in and week out. And this is why the 51 Drinking Games box set is the gift that keep on giving.

In one box (dimensions: 190x80x190 mm) you get a deck of playing cards, dice, flipping coins, ping pong balls, cue cards for the classic game, ‘I never…’, and a booklet with the rules for 51 of the most popular drinking games of all time!

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