Beer Pong

A compulsive gentleman's drinking game.

The aim of this drinking game is to have a good aim! You just need to get the ball in the glass of beer. This is such a great gift idea for men – and women – when having nights in with mates or on hen or stag nights.


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Great fun, lots of laughs and a touch of competition – plus beer! How does a men's gift get any better? This iconic game is perfect for party fun with mates. We love novelty gifts at Men's Gift Store and source the best there is. They always prove to be amongst our best sellers because they bring a smile to those you like the most.


So what exactly are the rules of Beer Pong you may ask? Like the best games, they involve balls! The aim is to bounce a ball into a plastic glass filled with an intoxicating drink. Get the ball in the glass, and the drink goes down the hatch! Three plastic balls and 24 plastic glasses are supplied with the game – the only other thing needed is the beer – or any other favourite tipple.

Although the rules of Beer Pong get a bit blurry by the end, along with the gamers' eyes, they'll be laughing so much they won't care. Whatever the occasion, this men's gift is a surefire winner.

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