Black Alcohol Shot Gun 

Locked & loaded to keep the good times flowing

Make sure you’re armed and ready to get the party started, by keeping this black and gold pistol with its high speed alcohol delivery system at the ready behind the bar or holstered in your pocket.

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First, make sure the cartridge has a full round of ammunition (41 ml of your favourite booze). Then, aim the pistol squarely into the mouth of your drinking buddy, and pull back the hammer. And finally, squeeze the trigger to deliver a jet stream of liquor straight down their throat. They won’t know what hit them!

The Black Alcohol Shot Gun is a high-speed alcohol delivery system, which you can keep in your bar at home, or holster in your belt during a big night out. It is absolutely perfect for buck’s shows, and will have you armed and ready to get the party started at a moment’s notice. And, it looks bloody awesome with its black and gold plastic design.

Dimensions: 27 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm

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