Tech Will Save Us D.I.Y. Speaker Kit

Make and Learn All About Speakers

For kids and curious adults, this D.I.Y. kit is the perfect way to learn about how speakers work while also learning how to create amplifiers of their own out of everyday objects.

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We use amplifiers all the time. They’re in our laptops, phones, and cars, just to name a few. But how do they work? This simple D.I.Y. Speaker Kit comes with just about everything a man would need to solder together his own speaker. That speaker can then be used to create amplifiers out of everyday objects, even balloons!

To enjoy the D.I.Y. Speaker Kit, the gift recipient needs a soldering iron, Internet access, some tools, and a 9V battery. The kit is designed for ages 10+ years, but it’s great fun at any age.

Give the D.I.Y. Speaker Kit as a birthday gift or Father’s Day present to curious kids or kids at heart. The kit provides hours of fun and access to interesting tutorials and ideas.

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