Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice

Please Lady Luck With 24 Carat Gold-plated Dice!

When the game is heating up and you need a kiss from Lady Luck, use these 24 carat gold-plated dice to gain the edge you need. They will definitely add some pizazz to any game night or dice game!

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Presented in a red, velvety pouch, these Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice are truly sumptuous. Which is why men who enjoy the finer things in life or sit down to a dice game from time to time will instantly fall in love with this gorgeous set. Both die are plated with 99.9% 24-carat gold. The dice are 1.5cm across and the holes are drilled to maintain an authentic look.

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Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice

Playing a game during the holidays is always fun, so you could certainly delight your recipient with one of our games and game accessories from the gifts for him catalogue. One of these gifts for him is a set of Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice! Learn more about this Christmas gift by reading the information below, and discover additional Christmas gifts for men from our games section!

Can You Give Me More Information About the Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice in the Gifts for Him Catalogue?

The Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue are covered in genuine 24 carat gold. They have a size of 1.5 centimetres across, while the holes are handmade to give them a more authentic dice look. So, this pair of dice from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue will look fantastic on any gambling or board game!

Which Recipient Would Love to Receive a Pair of Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice from the Gifts for Him Catalogue?

Many men would appreciate a pair of these Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue. Firstly, there is the man who enjoys playing some gambling games with his friends. Of course, these dice from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue are also suitable for a man who frequently plays board games.

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Where Can I Find More Inspiring Games for Men at the Men’s Gift Store?

The Men’s Gift Store stocks many games for men, so we suggest heading over to our catalogue to discover additional games your recipient will love! This Christmas, our team has added countless new options, so our existing customers can find many original games too!

Need some help finding a specific game for Christmas? Contact the Men’s Gift Store team for more information!