Poo Head Game

A Fun Party Game for any Crazy Crowd

Finally, someone’s invented a game that makes it totally okay to throw poo at your friend’s head. You know he’s going to love to play Poo Head at his next party.

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Look no further for the best new adult novelty gift. He’s sure to love this wacky game. The aim of the game is to rack up points by throwing plush piles of poo at your mates. Poo Head is the ideal game for a bachelor party or light-hearted adult gathering. Poo Head is simple to play, and it’s the perfect game to get the party started. Simply call the beer fridge open, and your friends will chucking poo and sharing a laugh in no time.

The Poo Head Game comes with an adjustable one-size-fits-all velcro cap, and three plush poo piles. Instructions are also included, or you can go rogue and play your own game. Ducking and jumping to land that perfect poo shot will be a test of stamina and co-ordination, especially after a few drinks. Poo Head is ideal for adults, and safe for kids over 3 years. Check out the great range of novelty gifts he’ll love at the Men’s Gift Store.