Sunnylife Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss

Portable, Inflatable, and Fantastically Fun!

The good old-fashioned game of ring toss just received an upgrade. This inflatable ring toss set can be placed in the pool, on the ground, or on someone’s head for a real challenge!

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The holiday season is a time spent with friends and family. Playing games, barbecuing, and throwing pool parties is a great way to enjoy the company of loved ones. And this Sunnylife Inflatable Cactoss game is sure to be crowd-pleaser. The ring toss game comes with an inflatable cactus and three soft, inflatable rings. This set measures 50 x 45 x 67cm and is made with durable 0.18mm PVC plastic.

The Sunnylife Inflatable Cactoss can be placed on different surfaces for varying levels of difficulty. Start out with the game on the ground, then increase the challenge by letting it float in the pool or by placing it on someone’s head. This novelty game is so fun and so addictive!

Infuse this summer and this Christmas season with tons of fun. We just know that everyone is going to love this ring toss game!

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