Magnetic Poetry - Original Set

Turn Your Fridge Into A Hub Of Creativity & Humour

The Magnetic Poetry Original Set will transform your fridge door into the focal point of the whole house! Arrange the magnetic words into endless phrases, sentences, and quirky stories.

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For the poets, the lyricists, the jokers, and, most of all, the entertainers, here we have a classic gift that’ll have you spending more time at the fridge than ever before. The Magnetic Poetry Original Set features an abundance of magnetics words (and partial words) that can be stuck on any flat steel surface, to form jokes, verses, poems, and tall tales.

The design was invented by a cabdriver and songwriter in 1993 as a simple way to write new lyrics. Nowadays it can be found on thousands of fridges around the globe, causing groups to spontaneously congregate – laughing at each other’s quirky phrases and risqué lines, or taking it in turns to add a word and see where the story takes them.

Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3 cm

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