Nanoblock Chameleon

This is a miniature lizard with a big attitude!

This chameleon may be tiny, but the detail is stunning! Popular with men, women, boys, and girls, this Nanoblock kit is a fantastic gift for avid puzzlers and animal lovers ages 8+ years.

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Nanoblocks provide enormous amounts of fun, delivered in a miniature package. Using blocks measuring 4 x 4mm or more, their kits have everything you need to build animals, objects, and more! These tiny replicas require precision, focus, and patience. But you can bet that the payoff is unbelievable!

Nanoblock Chameleon is one of the many great Nanoblock kits at Men's Gift Store. Resting on a twig and hunting for dinner, this lizard is finely detailed. Using more than 150 blocks, you and your family will build this little guy down to the smallest feature, like his tail wrapping around the brown stick for balance. We recommend this gift for people aged 8 + years.

And for the puzzle-loving men in your life, Nanoblocks are the way to go! They make truly thoughtful and fun gifts for men during special occasions and holidays. No matter what you’re celebrating, make your gift extraordinary with a personalised card and customised wrapping paper, provided with our premium gift-wrapping service.

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