Nanoblock Empire State Building

450 tiny blocks; Big Apple’s biggest attraction

New York City’s biggest tourist attraction just got a whole lot smaller with Nanoblock Empire State Building. Fun and challenging, this puzzle will make you feel like you were really there!

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The Empire State Building in New York City is 381 meters tall - 443.2 meters if you include the tip. With 102 stories, it might seem impossible to fit this entire building in your home. But with Nanoblock Empire State Building, using blocks as little as 4 x 4mm, this iconic NYC building can easily sit on your desk!

The detail afforded by the miniature blocks makes for an incredible replica. The Nanoblock Empire State Building kit is from the Sights to See Collection. It includes 450 blocks, as well as detailed instructions. With pieces 1/8th the size of typical building blocks, this kit is appropriate for ages 8+ years.

For the man who loves a good challenge, this Nanoblock Empire State Building kit is ideal. This and other challenging gifts for men can be found by browsing Men's Gift Store. Keep in mind that all orders over $99 AU are qualify for free Australia-wide delivery!

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