Nanoblock Formula One Car

A Fun Challenge For Racing Enthusiasts

Teens will need co-ordination, patience and concentration to create this incredible Nanoblock Formula One Car. This is a great gift for car lovers and construction block enthusiasts.

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Nanoblocks make great gifts for teens who are looking for greater sophistication and realism in their construction block projects. With micro-sized building blocks, some as small as 4mm x 4mm, the Nanoblock Formula Car will present a fun, challenging build for older kids, teens and adults. Race car enthusiasts will love the detail in this fun, miniature Formula One style model car.

Nanoblocks are manufactured with a double-ridged backing system, ensuring each piece fits perfectly for the most accurate miniature, construction block models. With 400 pieces, and including full, detailed instructions, the Nanoblock Formula Car has a difficultly rating of 4 out of 5. The fine level of detail and dexterity needed to build makes these Nanoblocks suitable for ages 12+. Get your teenager a great gift to keep them entertained and challenged for hours.

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