Nanoblock Meerkat

Build your own miniature meerkat!

With this wonderful 150-piece set, complete with instructions, you’ll build two tiny meerkats. Sometimes measuring as little as 4 x 4mm, Nanoblocks are fun way to test your concentration and patience.

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Offering a good challenge, Nanoblocks are wildly popular among teenagers and adults alike. Not only are they fun, they’re a great way to hone and test your concentration, patience, and ingenuity. The Nanoblock Meerkat, for example, is a prime example of their great kits.

This set includes 150 coloured blocks, easy-to-follow instructions, and everything you need to build a pair of curious meerkats. If you have some extra time on your hands or need a break from the tedium of the day, Nanoblock Meerkat is a wonderful way to pass the time. And you’ll find that the miniature size of the blocks, sometimes measuring as little as 4 x 4mm, allows for detailed designs.

Nanoblock Meerkat is an ideal gift for animal lovers and puzzle enthusiasts. Get it and other wonderful gifts for men from Men's Gift Store today.