Nanoblock Space Center

One small block for man, one big kit for mankind

Stay entertained during summer, Christmas, or during your free time with this miniature replica of NASA’s Space Centre. This kit includes more than 550 small blocks and easy-to-follow instructions.

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You can’t fly to the miniature moon is you don’t build a miniature Space Centre. Never fear; the Nanoblock Space Center kit has everything you need to build an incredibly detailed rocket. You’ll have your very own space program before you know it! From the Sights to See Collection, this puzzle boasts 550 pieces.

Nanoblocks are as small as they sound, with measurements as little as 4 x 4mm! Their tiny size make it possible to give each replica detail you couldn’t find in larger building block models. For men who love a good puzzle or enjoy building model replicas, the Nanoblock Space Center kit is a wonderful Father’s Day, birthday, or anytime gift.

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Blastoff with the Nanoblock Space Centre!

Some men are voracious readers. Some men climb mountains for fun. And some men love the challenge of puzzles and building replicas. For the latter, the Nanoblock Space Centre provides hours of interesting and challenging activity.

Nanoblocks and the Nanoblock Space Centre are among our most popular novelty gifts for men here at Men’s Gift Store. And it’s no surprise to us! This fun and engaging product is enjoyed by children, teens, and adults alike.

What’s included in the Nanoblock Space Centre kit?

This Nanoblock set comes with 550+ pieces! In addition, the puzzle comes with helpful instructions that guide you through the build. But be sure to pay close attention! When completed, the Nanoblock Space Centre gives a detailed view of a rocket preparing to launch into outer space.

The miniscule blocks make this puzzle challenging, but also provide detail that larger blocks would have trouble showing. So, how small are Nanoblocks? Nanoblocks can measure as small as 4 x 4 millimeters!

The Nanoblock Space Centrer kit is part of the Sights to See Collection, which showcases a number of interesting places from around the world! We absolutely love Nanoblocks. After all, these novelty gifts for men are simply delightful.

Does a puzzle a day really keep the doctor away?

Puzzles and constructing models is a wonderful way to keep your brain sharp! It offers a good challenge that stretches your mental muscles and keeps you on your toes. These mental exercises are important for your brain’s health and are known to help fight against memory loss, dementia, and other afflictions. We can't guarantee it will make you super smart but we can guarantee lots of fun.

Whether your gift recipient is a kid, young man, or older gentleman, the Nanoblock Space Center kit is great for keeping the mind fresh and agile. Who knew that novelty gifts for men could be so fun and so healthy?

Puzzles are also a good way to relieve stress. As you’re working on your Nanoblocks Space Center, you’ll notice that the anxieties of everyday life just melt away.

Can you gift wrap the Nanoblock Space Center for me?

We sure can! Men’s Gift Store is dedicated to giving you and your gift recipient the best experience possible. This means providing quality items, like novelty gifts for men, and convenient services. Our gift-wrapping service is the perfect way to customise your gift, without having to lift a finger! We do the wrapping and you have more time on your hands to celebrate, build a replica, or do a puzzle.

We definitely recommend giving the Nanoblock Space Center as a gift for the men in your life who love a challenge. Our novelty gifts for men make great anytime presents: graduation, retirement, and everything in between! Just be sure to add a greeting card to personalise your gift and make it truly special.