Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton

Tiny Tyrannosaurus rex with massive detail

You don’t have to be an archeologist to complete this 590-piece replica! With a little concentration and patience, you can bring this Tyrannosaurus rex back to life for hours of challenging fun.

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Towering over the other dinosaurs, the T-Rex is king! Well, this Tyrannosaurus rex may not tower over much, but it still commands respect as a giant of the dinosaur world. This incredible set is filled with fossil-coloured blocks, some measuring an unbelievable 4 x 4mm, and step-by-step instructions.

Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton takes an average of 180 minutes or 3 hours to build. Though challenging, it can be constructed in one exciting session! Or if you prefer, take your time and watch as the king of all dinosaurs slowly rises above the table. This kit is a perfect way to pass the time, engaging your brain and your hands. Replica should be completed by ages 8+ years.

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