BEANO Paper Plane Kits

High-Flying Fun for Little Artists

Perfect for artsy folks who dig origami. The BEANO Paper Plane Kit is paper-folding fun and creative coolness with over 60 paper plane designs. Thorough instructions are included.

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Have you ever seen a beautifully handcrafted swan at a hotel, made from the towels? Or, how about those little frogs that people make out of little sheets of paper? Or, maybe you were the kid who always created the paper airplanes, sending them zooming to unknown destinations?

If you, or someone you love, has ever wanted to create amazing origami from a few sheets of patterned paper, the BEANO Paper Plane Kit is a creative must-have. The kit includes thorough instructions on how to create the perfect folds and creases, as well as enough classic Vintage Beano covers to make 60 paper planes. Zoom, zoom!

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