Pass Out Game

Try to Be the First to Collect 10 Pink Elephants!

It’s not a party without a game to entertain and perhaps inebriate party-goers. Pass Out is the perfect game for the job. This board game combines tongue twisters and drinking for a ton of fun.

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While an excuse is not necessary to drink, it never hurts to have a good one. Pass Out, for example, is a great reason to partake in a delicious beverage. During this novelty drinking game, players roll dice and travel around a classic game board to collect pink elephant cards and to take drinks. As they progress, players are required to attempt challenging tongue twisters. If a player messes up, they must take drink as punishment. This, of course, only makes each tongue twister more difficult. The first player to collect 10 pink elephant cards is declared the winner.

Pass Out can accommodate a maximum of 4 players, aged 18+ years. To fully enjoy this awesome game, please drink responsibly.

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