Pong A Shot

No mess, no fuss, but a whole lot of drinking fun!

Shoot the little basketball at the basket. If it goes in, it will trickle down randomly into a shot glass, whose owner will have to drink! All of the fun and suspense of beer pong, without the mess!

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If you’re after a drinking game that can be played with any type of booze, doesn’t require much space or effort to set up, and won’t result in stains all over the carpet, then look no further – Pong A Shot is here!

Pong A Shot is the basketball inspired drinking game that will have players taking a shot at the hoop, and then taking a shot full of liquor if the ball happens to randomly bounce its way down into their assigned glass. The game comes in an awesome looking box of size 40x12x40 cm, and contains everything you need except the booze!

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