Wicked Pun Fun!

Give him a reason to invite some mates around and have a night of roaring laughter with PUNDERDOME the clever play on PUNS that puts mate against mate and pun against pun for a hilarious time.

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The ‘Puns’ have it, with this hilarious game that’s the perfect gift for men who love to have a laugh with their mates, or their families for that matter! Who doesn’t love a laugh! Punderdome is all about Puns if you didn’t guess already, and is a bit of a game, a bit of a conversation starter and a whole lot of fun while creating some really bad jokes.

Players take turns in creating the most groan-worthy puns based on prompts they are given, there’s a whole lot of room for some really terrible jokes and some really great laughter. With 200 double sided cards included, there are instructions included along with scribbling pads and mystery envelopes, and hours of fun for 3 or more players.

At Mens Gift Store we know how to track down Australia’s best men’s gifts and he’s going to love the cheeky nature of this game so much it’s sure to be a favourite.

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Dad jokes may be the bane of our collective existence, but it does make for some good laughs sometimes, and any game pun related will satisfy his addiction to bad jokes. The PUNDERSOME Card Game is perfect for this, channelling his inner creativity and providing him with ammo for years to come (reminder warning: this is a group based game – you will need to participate in creating dad jokes too, so be ready to be ok with that).

When searching for humour-based Christmas gifts for men, don’t forget the dude in your life who loves a tipple. Drinking games are always bound to get the group giggling – especially as the night goes on. You could incorporate intrusive classics like “Never Have I Ever” into a medley of games including novelty dice (that could also replace the missing set from all those other board games), or a cool pack of cards for “King’s Cup” (or for the more adventurous, “Strip Poker”)!

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Whether it’s for dad, boyfriend, husband, brother, uncle, or for grandpa, Christmas gifts for men that get the competitive or creative juices flowing don’t always have to be silly. What about building blocks to satisfy the engineer in him? The possibilities for creative building are endless, and are a wonderful way for him to spend time with the little people around the place – kids love building blocks!

However, if you think he could be after something a little more group oriented instead, grab him a really nice chess or checkers set – whether he knows how to play or not. These games are timeless and learning them could be an awesome way for the family to spend time together. Alternatively, take him out for a game of family tennis at the local park, or even get a home table tennis kit so you can play some serious games from the comfort of home while continuing to nibble on those delicious Christmas left-overs in between sets.