Royal Bingo Game

A Royal Game Of Fun!

Featuring the famous, and not-so-famous Royals, this is the ultimate take on a game we bet he never thought he'd play, but we know he won't be able to resist. Beautifully illustrated the Royal Bingo Game is great to play with friends.

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Here’s a fresh and funny new take on a very old classic: It’s the Royal Bingo game, by illustrator Holly Exley! In this version, numbers have been replaced with illustrated headshots of royals from around the world. As each figure is randomly drawn from the bag, players mark them off their game-card using shiny little crowns.

Sixty-four royals are included, representing all of the European families – from Great Britain to Liechtenstein – along with others including Malaysia, Jordan, and the ultra-wealthy royals of Brunei. There is also a booklet with fun-facts about each character, from personality quirks, to romance, to great royal gaffes!

Holly Exley has illustrated for publications including The Wall Street Journal and Lonely Planet, along with The Baking Journal and The Food Journal.

Add a personal touch to this fantastic gift with premium wrapping and a personalised gift card!

Dimensions: 234x259x66 mm

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