Shot Glass Roulette

Let the spinning wheel of fate decide who drinks!

Fill the 16 shot glasses with different types of liquors, and assign them to each player using the number or colour. Then spin the wheel, drop the ball inside, and let fate decide who has to drink.

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This drinking game is a simple yet effective way to guarantee a hilariously boozy night with friends. Players can be assigned to any of the 16 shot glasses situated around the spinning wheel, which will be filled with one or many different types of alcoholic beverage. Spin the wheel, drop the ball inside, and wait nervously as fate dictates who has to drink what!

Shot Glass Roulette can easily be adapted to incorporate any number of players, types of drinks, or special rules. The options are endless! The set, which contains the spinning wheel, the ball, and all of the shot glasses, is presented in an attractive box measuring 30x30x6.5cm. Add a personal touch by taking advantage of our premium wrapping services, and including a message in a free gift card, available from the Men’s Gift Store with every purchase.

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