Spin the Bottle

Like the old classic, but it’s all about drinking

Don’t worry, no kissing involved in this remake of the classic party game. Instead, after you spin the bottle, the game board will have you drinking, or engaging in one of several hilarious dares!

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Most of us are probably glad to have our days of Spin The Bottle – and the countless awkward situations it instigates – behind us. But this new version, adapted to be a hilarious drinking game, will have us all going back for another spin!

The game board has a built-in green glass bottle, surrounded by eight instructions, including take a shot, just a sip, rhyme, truth or dare, and more! Players must simply spin the bottle, and nervously await their fate. It’s a game so simple, that any passer-by at a party can have a go without any prior explanation of the rules! A great gift for men who love to entertain, or take part in the odd boozy games night.

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