Spin the Shot

An Uninhibited Night of Party Fun

Snag Spin the Shot for your next big blowout. We are talking wedding parties, birthday celebrations, house parties, and even just a few friends hanging out. It combines 2 of the best things: drinking games and the liquor of your choice.

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Keep it simple and spin! Have your guests stand in a circle around the table, and spin the arrow. Whoever the arrow lands on has to take the shot. Of course, this game can be used for more than shots. It also makes a great truth-or-date selector, or a cheeky, impromptu game of spin the bottle. Perfect for bucks, hens, or house parties!

As always, enjoy this game responsibly! Drinking can be a lot more fun when you bring some games into it. Spin the Shot is definitely something you need for a night of partying with your friends.

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