Toilet Time Golf

For When He’d Rather Be Golfing

Every golfer needs a mini golf set for the toilet. Now your golfer can squeeze in a little more time on the green with this hilarious Toilet Time Golf game.

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This great golfing toy definitely needs to be on the list of the top 10 coolest gifts for golfers! Do you know someone with a golfing obsession? Even when he should be doing something else, he’s just can’t stop thinking about golf… Now, even when he’s sitting on the toilet, he can be getting in a few practice putts. What more could a golfer ask for?! And if you’re quietly suggesting that your mate’s golf game is utter crap, what better way to insult him than by giving him a novelty golf set so he practice while on the toilet! Share a laugh with your golfing friends with this joke gift.

The Toilet Time Golf set includes a mini golf putting green, 66cm long golf putter, putting hole with flag, 2 plastic golf balls, and a do not disturb sign for the toilet door so he can practice his golfing game undisturbed. We’d love to help you find great gag gifts and sport-themed presents for your man. Find the best gift for him at The Men’s Gift Store.