Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

The World Is Waiting From The Comfort Of Home

A magical way to explore and feel part of the moment; these Immerse Virtual Reality Headsets cleverly use technology to immerse the wearer into a new environment. His smart phone and app will transport him to run with the bulls, the Himalayas and more.

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He’s a free spirit and he loves nothing more than getting out to discover the world; but sometimes life gets in the way and it can be difficult to fit as many adventures into his busy life as he’d like. Now he can journey to the far reaches of the earth and feel as though he is standing right there in the moment, able to reach out and touch what he sees, all from the comfort of homes.

The clever design of the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset works alongside his smartphone using a cleverly designed app to play a range of documentaries, games, shows and more; all presented in a virtual reality environment. From swimming with sharks or trekking in Peru he’ll feel immersed in reality. He simply inserts his phone into the headset and lets the fun begin!


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