Wheel Of Mis-Fortune

A Drinking Game for Risk-Takers and Gamblers

This is no ordinary drinking game. This is a drinking game filled with dares, forfeits, and misfortunes. Do you dare spin the wheel? You never know what the gods have in store for you.

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Why is this game called Wheel of Mis-Fortune? Give it a spin and you'll find out. During this drinking game, you'll leave your fate to lady luck. Will she be on your side? Or will she spurn you? With each spin, you'll be faced with a variety of possible outcomes: dance, sit-ups, push-ups, and more.

This drinking game includes four shot glasses and one spinner board. Fill up the glasses and get ready to give this game a whirl! Do not put this set in the dishwasher.

Getting together with your mates soon? Wheel of Mis-Fortune is a great new game to try with your drinking buddies and good friends.

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Some of the best fun at a party can be with drinking games. They're the big kid's way to play board games – and we've all got a big kid inside. The Wheel of Mis-Fortune is heaps of fun. Drinking games like these carry tension, call for people to cut loose and be silly, and have a competitive edge so guests stay engaged. All the best drinking games are fun yet also have rules and challenges.

In The Wheel of Mis-Fortune, when someone spins the wheel, the challenges she or he gets might be having to dance, do push-ups or squats, as well as other fun dares and forfeits. These types of drinking games are best played with good friends and family. They're probably not recommended for work! However drinking games with good mates can be some of the best fun you'll have together.

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