Never give a boring gift again thanks to the wonderful range of quirky novelty gifts from the experts at Men's Gift Store. Whether it's an explosive grenade cup or our range of Star Wars gifts, when it comes to fun and different, we've got the ultimate selection of quirky gifts for men who love life a little left of centre.

Quirky Gift Ideas That Will Get Your Recipient Laughing!

No matter which occasion you need a gift for, there is always time for a quirky gift. At the Men’s Gift Store, you can get some quirky gift inspiration, which ensures your recipient will be laughing as soon as he opens his gift. Check out the best quirky gift ideas below to get something brilliant for your recipient’s special occasion.

Which Quirky Gifts Ideas Do You Suggest for Food Lovers?

There are many funny gifts you should consider for the food lover. The first suggestion we always make is a quirky cookbook. You can find many original cookbooks for men online, and some of these cookbooks have a lot of funny content.

One of the books that is quite popular for male recipients is “Dude Food”. With “Dude Food”, you can teach any man to cook. So, even if your recipient has never cooked a meal in his life, we certainly suggest this funny cookbook for his collection.

The Men’s Gift Store has another quirky gift for food lovers, which you won’t find easily anywhere else, the Condiment Gun. With a Condiment Gun, your recipient gets an original way to add sauces and condiments to his meals. So, this is certainly a quirky essential for the next special occasion!

Which Quirky Gift Ideas Do You Suggest for a Practical Man?

Many people believe that you cannot gift a funny gift to a practical man. However, this is far from the truth, because there are some practical gifts that are quirky too!

One funny gift you could consider for the practical man is a themed piece of soap. At the Men’s Gift Store, you can find pieces of soap with a funny design; this includes Brick Soap, which looks exactly like a red brick. Top tip, this could be a great present for a builder!

A multifunctional yet funny tool or gadget could also be a suggestion for your recipient. There are several such tools in our catalogue, including the Incredible Multi-Towel for Everything. Every man needs a towel that provides a solution for everything, so nothing is certainly as practical as the Incredible Multi-Towel from the Men’s Gift Store.

Which Funny Gifts Do You Suggest for a Book Lover?

The options for a book lover are endless when it comes to funny gifts, because there are many novelty books you could use as a present. However, you could also consider funny gifts related to books.

One of our suggestions is a funny pair of bookends. There are certainly a lot to choose from out there; this includes the Dachshund Bookends Set available at the Men’s Gift Store. When used, the bookends seem to be going straight through the books, so it is certainly a conversation piece for a book lover.

For the book lover, we can suggest more quirky decorations for a book lover’s study or book nook. Nowadays, there are many quirky decorations that a book lover might appreciate; this includes the Giftworks Magnetic Sand Timer from the Men’s Gift Store.

Which Funny Gifts Do You Suggest for the Gadget Lover?

Anyone who needs funny gifts for a gadget lover will have plenty of choice, because there are genuinely thousands of options out there. At the Men’s Gift Store, you can also find dozens of funny options for the gadget lover.

One gadget that is essential for a gadget lover is a Smartphone speaker. With a Smartphone speaker, men can play their favourite tunes straight from their phone or their tablet. So, with this Smartphone speaker, there will never be volume problems again.

In addition to a gadget that can increase the volume of the Smartphone, why not include a gadget that could increase the size of what’s on the screen too? There are several Smartphone magnifiers available today, including one on the Men’s Gift Store.

Naturally, these are some popular suggestions and only a fraction of what is available for gadget lovers. To get more creative ideas, it is always a good idea to look around for the latest quirky gadgets. Funny gadgets are bound to put a smile on the face of any tech lover!

Where Can I Find More Funny Gift Ideas at the Men’s Gift Store?

At the Men’s Gift Store, we stock funny gifts for every type of male recipient. So, whether you are buying for a tech lover, gadget lover, foodie, or any other recipient, the Men’s Gift Store always has something original waiting for you. So, to ensure you have discovered all our gift ideas, be sure to head over to the novelty catalogue on our website.

Do you have a question about any of the quirky gifts mentioned today? Do not hesitate to contact the Men’s Gift Store for more information! Our team will be more than happy to assist.