Star Wars R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum

For The Naughty Ones who Eat At Their Desk

Remember how much he loves Star Wars? Gift him with a cool USB-powered desktop vacuum in the shape of R2D2. Make it easier for him to keep a tidier workspace in his own adorably nerdy way.

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Everyone knows that eating at their desk is a no-no and yet everyone does just that, but the problem has been solved thanks to the R2-D2 Vacuum. This is the perfect Star Wars Fan gift! This USB-powered vacuum will help keep everything tidy by picking up those tiny crumbs he manages to drop. Whether it's the home office or his work desk, everything will look much cleaner, and be more hygienic. Measuring 13.5cm, this miniature R2-D2 will clean up crumbs and desktop messes via his vacuum leg. For easy emptying, he features a screw-top lid to dispose of dust and waste.

The included micro USB adapter can be plugged into a laptop or desktop USB port, or a mains USB adapter. A simple button on the top of the robot's head activates his vacuum function. Recommended for ages 6+, this cool Star Wars gift is recommended for cleaning tasks such as pencil shavings.

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